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Finally! An attractive, versatile solution for organizing items
that create a mess around the home, office, or workshop. From
holding regular or oversized electric toothbrushes in the bathroom,
to utensils in your kitchen, to baby items in the nursery, even your
cosmetics. All this in the revolutionary designed organizer called the
................................................ "CloverHolder"
CloverHolder received from Design Journal Magazine the
"2009 ADEX Gold Medal Award For Design Excellence"

  • CloverHolder Spindle: Comes in three sizes: S, M, L.
    The spindle can also be attached to the wall with a wall
    mount bracket avaliable here
  • CloverHolder Caddy, can be customized with your favorite
    cartoon decals, team logos, or hand painted, etc.. It's great for
    arts and crafts projects and comes in several colors.
  • CloverHolder beauty set, comes in two or three piece sets.
    Colors are water clear and frosted.

There are many uses for the CloverHolder when organizing
your bathroom, kitchen, nursery, or office etc..

Currently made from poly-carbonate, the CloverHolder is
durable, resists cracking and breaking under normal use.

For those with special taste, CloverHolder can be made from gold
and decorated with diamonds.
Lead free dishwasher safe and "MADE IN AMERICA"


2009 WestEnd Designs LLC