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About WestEnd Designs

WestEnd Designs is an innovative design company, founded in Maryland in 2005 by Lisa Mears Morris and James Morris to fulfill a practical household need. Our motto is, “Tomorrow’s Designs for Today.” Our goal is to produce high quality, unique, practical and affordably-priced products made in the U.S.A.

Many inventions that have become a familiar part of most households began with a simple need. If you’ve ever looked at your collection of odd-sized toothbrushes and dental care accessories scattered around the sink and thought “Where can I put these?” Then you know how practical the CloverHolder universal toothbrush organizer is. It began with a need that I had. My frustration grew each time I knocked over my awkward battery operated toothbrush or was faced with the clean up of the constant mess of toothpaste residue and water stains from the family collection of toothbrushes on the vanity. One day I said “There’s got to be a better way. Somebody ought to invent something to fix this.” So I thought why not me? So I set out to invent a solution.

I got together with my fiancé James Morris, who enthusiastically helped me research the market and applied his artistry and engineering skills to design and create what is today the CloverHolder universal toothbrush organizer. Together we co-founded WestEnd Designs and have won several awards for the CloverHolder. In June 2007 The CloverHolder received a Gold Medal, and I was named “Woman Inventor of the Year” at the INPEX Invention Show, and in August James and I were married.

Our company is based in Catonsville, Maryland, and our product is manufactured in Abingdon, Maryland, USA. Thank you for visiting our site, and choosing the “CloverHolder.” We haven’t stopped inventing. There are so many helpful tools yet to be created. Please visit us again and see what we’ve thought up next.



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